It's THE GAME I've been playing for years. 

It's THE GAME that took me from broke AF cocktail waitress to 7-Figure Business Strategist. 

The game is called SPRINT WEEK.

It's simple. It's fun. And if you play it out - you will WIN! 

When you win- you grow the hell out of your client roster. No matter the industry. No matter who you are.

The game starts on September 28th. You in? 


Sprint to Success 2.0 is a 3 day virtual experience hosted by business strategist and multiple 7 figure CEO, Becca Pike. And co-hosted by her company’s head coach, John Richardson. 
The first two days of this workshop is the groundwork and foundation of selling, where you will learn to WANT and DESIRE to show up on level 100 in your business, in a way you never have before.


The third and final day, you will receive the keys to the game that has led so many of my coaching clients to multiple 6 figure years. You will leave after day three knowing exactly what to do to have your highest grossing sales month, your most impactful and influential month, and how to sprint straight to your most successful year you’ve seen so far.  And that’s a guarantee.  



What past Sprint to Success students are saying...

“This was even better than I had hoped. You have literally broken my mind open.” - Courtney
“It’s been exactly 1 month since Sprint to Success and I have brought in 37 new consults. THIRTY SEVEN!” 
- Erin
“I thought this was just going to be another workshop. I had no idea I was buying so much gold. Officially a Becca Pike fangirl forever.”
- Nicole
“Sprint Week created $4800 extra in sales this month, 188% increase in FB post reach and 91.7% increase on Instagram.”
- Jobeth 
“I am 48 hours into sprint week and have FIVE NEW CLIENTS.”
- Amanda G
“2 brand new clients just today. From complete strangers to credit card in hand in about three hours. Just today I am clearing about 10k in sales.”
- Joseph
Becca will go LIVE for 1 hour inside our exclusive community Facebook group to teach you new ideas and skills each day about how to attain success quickly and efficiently.


“This game was originally created for me and for me only. I played it alone for years. But when I introduced it to my business coaching clients, I saw what it did for them. The results were undeniable. Sprint to Success is perfect for those people who are like me…competitive at heart. Who have a deep and insatiable love for the game. The game of growth. But the only person we want to beat is ourselves.” - Becca Pike




Day 1: Get Clear on What's Not Working + LIVE COACHING
Day 2: Master Your Approach + LIVE COACHING 
Day 3: Game-Plan Creation Day + LIVE COACHING

Who is this class for?


  • ▪️Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their revenue & profits (in a way that feels good and less shitty.) 

▪️For people who desire to be reached out to and influential to their audience. 
▪️For people who want to feel like a magnet for sales.


▪️If you have been in business for 10 years or 10 days, if you want more customers, this class was created for you. 

What Industry is this for?

✅ Any service-based industry

✅ Brick & Mortar or Online Businesses


"I don't give a shit if you’re selling high end luxury services, or $2 carwashes, the number one bottle neck in every company is the exact same. You either know how to attract clients to you or you don’t. Learn sales and marketing, and heal 90% of your business’s problems.” - Becca

Who is Becca Pike?

Becca went from broke AF waitress to CEO of two 7-figure companies within 4 years. She is the Founder/Owner of Massage Strong, Founder/Owner of Hell Yes Coaching, Founder/Owner of Strong Balm.  Becca is known for her dirty language, her sense of humor, and her genius in business growth. She is the host of The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast, wife, mom of 4, crossfit athlete, and dog and beer lover.

Who is John Richardson?

John is an elite and highly decorated athlete. His immense business coaching experience and his sports coaching vibe has allowed him to climb the ladder inside Hell Yes Coaching to become the Head Coach and Becca’s right hand man in teaching this masterclass. John is well loved by the HYC community and is known for his stoic and thoughtful approach to coaching.

September 28-30, 2022

1:00 pm EST

Replays Available



Hell Yes! I'm in!

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