In this lifetime-access video course, I'm laying out every single thing I wish I knew, but had to go through hundreds of thousands of dollars of elite mentorship and expensive masterminds to get. 


"Looking at this course now that it is complete, I am certain that I would have paid $100,000 to have all these answers packaged up in a nice, tidy video course
when I was in my first few years of coaching. This is everything."_Becca Pike


Who is this course for?

Every Coach. Every Niche. Income Level, less than $250k/year.
This is designed to be raw and immersive material you have never heard before and the same material that has helped me sell millions in the coaching industry. 


What will a coach get out of this course:


✔️ Massive, radical, UNAPOLOGETIC permission to do it your way.

✔️ All the different sides of sustainable and PROFITABLE coaching offers and containers (there is more than you think!) and how to make them into SUPER SIMPLE and easy-peasy funnels that traffic your audience through each offer. 

✔️ How to SIMPLIFY your niche drama and deal with imposter syndrome. 

✔️ How exactly to HANDLE CONSULTS, what to say minute by minute. 

✔️ How to handle objections, exactly WHAT TO SAY when a client wants to work with you, but is scared to pull the trigger.

✔️ How to PRICE YOUR PACKAGES and how to create incentives to get your audience to buy now, not later.

✔️ How to actually coach. The tips and tricks that I personally use to SUCCESSFULLY COACH people. 

✔️ My COMPLETE BLUEPRINT and guide that I follow on how to make educational posts (tons of prompts). 

All videos are lead directly by me and are self-paced.

$1500 USD Pay in Full
(or 3 Monthly Payments of $500 USD)


Because your confidence sells it for you.

Hi, I'm Becca Pike!

I went from broke AF waitress to CEO of two 7-figure companies within four years.

I founded Massage Strong and Strong Balm.

Now, I am a business strategist inside my coaching business, Hell Yes Coaching. I help coaches scale to six or even seven figures on the regular. 

So if you are ready to mix things up with a no-BS approach to your business, then I can't wait to work with you! 


It's time to take your coaching business to the next level
with My First 100k: Coaches Edition