The Most Expensive Problem in Business is Hiring and Training the Wrong Person.

The second most expensive is taking too long to hire because of fear and indecision about how to do it.


What is it?

This is a 5 video course.

Over 6 hours of filmed content packed with all the answers to the questions you've been asking about Interviewing & Hiring. 

Who is this for?

Brick and Mortar business owners as well as Online Business owners...
Suitable for the biz owner who:
-has never hired, but plans to.
-has hired a few people already,
-has been hiring for 10 years, but doesn’t have the company culture where
you want it to be.

Mastering the onboarding process is the quickest way to watch your company scale to millions.

Who is teaching this course?


Hi, I am Becca Pike!

I own Massage Strong, Hell Yes Coaching, Strong Balm, and am the host of the Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast. I am a mama of four humans and 3 fur babies. (you will get to meet my fur babies inside the course!)

My husband, business partner, and baby daddy Mark Pike will be joining me in this course. This is such an added bonus, because my husband is the math/details/legal brain of our relationship and I am the motivation/story-telling/go-getter of the relationship. Together, we feed off each other to give you a full circle training unlike any other!

The Vibe:

Laid back and conversational. It's just my husband and me sitting in our living room chatting with you. It's very conversational. You can listen to this like a podcast, on the go.

There's no boring slides that you have to refer to. It is just you and the two of us sitting down and discussing strategies, mindsets, and specific to-do’s that will scale your business without all the costly mistakes.

*Some* of what you will learn:

-How do you know it's time to delegate? How do you know financially, emotionally, and if you're company can hold a new employee or contractor?

-How to know what pay to offer

-How to know what hours to work them (more important than you think!

-An ENTIRE video just on the question that we get the most which is summed up as: “I’m terrified to be responsible for someone else’s pay check. How do I know I can give them enough hours, or give them enough work to fulfill their financial needs?” (We dissect this REAL GOOD.!)

-1099 vs w2’s: Which one do you need

-Charging percentages versus salary versus commission versus room rentals for contractors,

-What back-end and legal stuff do you need to know before interviewing and hiring?

-How to actually find great candidates,

-How to hold interviews efficiently so it is not consuming of your entire calendar,

-How to run and host an interview,

-How to weed out and decide on your candidates to choose the one that fits your business the best.

-And then my favorite part of the training is: hiring mindset. The beliefs and thoughts you have to learn and study in order to lead people, lead yourself, and create a company culture. The mindset required to see yourself as a ‘boss,’ a CEO, and a leader.

This is everything you could ever want when you’re building out your team.

We’ve wasted a ton of time and money on mistakes while hiring in the past, but we got to the bottom of it, and we’re here to make sure you hire the right person
every time.